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Board Meeting 1/2021

During its meeting no. 1/2021, the Board of Directors of the Arab Fund approved the Fund’s (2021-2024) medium term strategy. The strategy is based on continuing the Fund’s support to enable Arab countries to attain real, integrated, and sustainable development, thus achieving the aspirations of their people towards improving their livelihoods.

Based on the above, the Arab Fund will continue to provide the necessary financing for projects in the Arab region, in co-operation with public and private sectors, national, regional and international financial institutions, and local and foreign investors. This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Supporting projects aimed at improving and developing the infrastructures in Arab countries, including energy generation projects, with particular emphasis on those that rely on new and renewable energy sources.
  • Supporting the development and expansion of the production sector in order to attain higher levels of production and productivity in all Arab countries, enabling them to increase their local manufacturing capacities, diversify their export capabilities, and enhance inter–Arab trade, thus attaining Arab economic integration.
  • Supporting efforts to preserve the environment and reduce carbon emissions, as this is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. In order to accomplish this, the Fund will aim to encourage and adopt green and environmentally friendly projects in its member states.
  • Supporting and providing technical and institutional aid to human development programs and projects intended to create employment opportunities for future generations which possess the best educational means and programs related to modern technology, and adopt modern means for vocational training that enhance the capabilities of the Arab worker, along with supporting the efforts of Arab governments to achieve better health for all Arab citizens.
  • Providing the necessary financing in order to ensure the growth of small and medium size enterprises, which guarantees the reduction in the levels of unemployment, and the employment of women and youth and integrating them into the workforce, in order to support development efforts in areas that require local development.
  • Encouraging and supporting joint Arab projects, as their effects exceed the member countries’ boundaries and help in achieving economic integration between them.

The Arab Fund’s lending program will comprise providing loans whose total amount ranges between KD 100 Million and KD 250 Million, annually, to provide economic, social and environmental security to its member states. Additionally, the Fund will also provide grants having a total annual amount ranging between KD 10 Million and KD 15 Million, to develop institutions and companies, thus enhancing their elements of success.