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The Arab Fund activities are based on a set of principles laid out in the Establishment Agreement. Most importantly its activities are directed to financing projects which have priority in national development plans. The process for participating includes conducting a through evaluation of a project’s technical and economic feasibility, and creating sound legal, organizational and technical structures that guarantee the success of the project. Furthermore, beneficiaries must make a reasonable contribution to financing of a project.
The Arab Fund ensures distribution of loans among member countries, in accordance with the established criteria, it gives priority to inter-Arab projects which are likely to promote cooperation and integration among member countries. The Arab Fund establishes regulations of project implementation on best technical and financial terms as part of its superlative approach.
In pursuing these principles, the Arab Fund places great importance on negotiations with governments regarding its activities. It also looks to benefit from the particular expertise of member countries. Regardless the experience, expertise and capabilities the Arab Fund has gained during the last quarter of the century it continues to ensure the participation of the concerned authorities in the beneficiary countries in project evaluation, implementation and supervision. In this way the Fund relies primarily on capabilities available in the member countries, rather than exercising these activities as its prerogative.

Loans, Disbursements, Repayments and Debt Owed to the Arab Fund During the Period 1974 - 2022

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