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The Arab Fund makes several improvements to its website in order to enrich and enhance its contents
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Over the last nine months, the Arab Fund has been busy making improvements to its website. These improvements included:

  • Enhancing the web page related to Arab electrical interconnection projects. The enhancement included updating the status of the various interconnection projects, as at the end of 2020, and the addition of a section detailing the contribution of the Arab Fund to each of these projects.
  • Adding a page titled AFESD at a Glance, which provides users with a quick overview of all the cumulative operations of the Fund since its inception. The section covers the loans and grants provided to the Arab countries in support of public and private sector projects, the contributions to the capital of private sector companies, along with an overview of the operations of the Special Account, which was established to support Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. The contents of this page will be updated at the end of each quarter.
  • Adding a site, within the Arab Fund’s website, to illustrate the activities of the Arab Coordination Group.
  • Enhancing the appearance and functionality of the document titled Procedures and Documents for Loan Withdrawals. By accessing this document, authorized representatives of the Arab countries can download the various Withdrawal Application Forms, fill them out on their screens and save the completed forms on their computers, and print them, in preparation for mailing them, along with the necessary documentation, to the Arab Fund.
  • Replacing the General Policy for Financing Public Sector Projects and General Policy and Guiding Principles for Private Sector Operations documents with enhanced versions.
  • Re-arranging the contents of the Publications Section.

The Arab Fund, will, on a continuous basis, keep improving the contents of its website, and adding new content to it, in order to provide better service for its visitors.