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Activities and achievements of the Coordination Group institutions

Since its establishment, the Coordination Group institutions have held 85 meetings at the level of operations managers, and fifteen (15) meetings at the level of heads of institutions. During these meetings, views were exchanged on a number of topics related to policies, operations, and information about the funding requests submitted to each of the group’s members, the conditions of some countries and projects of a special nature were reviewed, and the group’s relationship with regional and international financing institutions was discussed.
During the same period, the group’s institutions also held a number of meetings with representatives of the European Economic Community, the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.
With the aim of strengthening coordination and increasing the effectiveness of its development interventions, the Group’s institutions have, since 1992, held consultative meetings with beneficiary countries. In line with this method, the group’s institutions participated in meetings to discuss development plans in some countries, during which priority projects were agreed upon from among the projects included in the plans of these countries, and also, they were agreed to contribute to their financing. To confront the obstacles arising from the discrepancy between the requirements of the procedural documents adopted in the group’s institutions, the group’s institutions have completed a number of model legal documents to work with directly or for guidance.