Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I plan to be in Kuwait in the near future.  How can I make arrangements for a guided tour of the Arab Organizations Headquarters Building when I am in Kuwait?
    Requests for guided tours of the building should be faxed to (+965) 483-9141.

  2. How tall are the enormous doors at the entrance?  How heavy are they?
    The steel entrance doors encased in a veneer of Egyptian walnut and mahogany inlaid with silver and brass are 6.5 meters high and 15 centimeters thick.   Each door weighs 1 ton, yet they are so well balanced they can be opened and closed at the touch of a finger.

  3. Why do the raised panels in the entrance doors move instead of being fixed with glue or nails?
    The panels are loose to allow the wood to expand and contract with Kuwait's climate extremes.

  4. How many pieces of wood were used for the Egyptian mashrabiya in the Atrium?
    More than 4 million individual pieces of handcarved wood were pieced together using neither glue nor nails to construct the towering mashrabiya.  The 9-story structure required skillful carpentry and joinery of the finest quality.

  5. How many people work in the building's offices?
    The building accommodates approximately 400 workers who staff four of the leading Pan-Arab organizations: Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company, Inter Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation, OAPEC (Organization of Arab Petroleum Export Countries), and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.



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