Policies & Procedures

Policy Guidelines and Rules for Private Sector Operations
The Board of Governance of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, through its Resolutions number (2), issued on 10/05/1997, approved modifying the Agreement establishing the Arab Fund in order to allow the Fund to participate in financing private sector projects in the Arab countries, members in the Fund, in accordance with the rules and regulations set-forth by the Board of Directors of the Fund. The Board of Directors of the Arab Fund, through its resolution number (23), issued on 14/03/1998, approved the general policies and guidelines for its involvement in private sector operations. These policies and guidelines were later modified in accordance with the Boardís resolution number (44), for the year 2001, during its meeting number 3/2001, which took place on 25/06/2001.
Based on the above, this document aims at illustrating the policies and guidelines governing the Arab Fundís involvement in financing private sector projects, of a developmental nature, in the member Arab countries, in accordance with the above-mentioned resolutions.

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