Activities During 2023


Public Sector

During the year 2023, the Arab Fund extended three loans, totaling KD 48 million, as shown in the following table:

Country Project Amount of Loan
(KD Million)
Date of Board
1- Tunisia Construction and Rehabilitation of the Classified Roads 16.0 12/02/2023
2- Jordan Electric Interconnection between Jordan and Saudi Arabia 22.0 31/10/2023
3- Tunisia Integrated Agricultural Development in the Wadi Tassa Basin in Kef State 10.0 31/10/2023



During the year 2023, the Arab Fund extended 35 grants, amounting to about KD 18.3 million, that were distributed among the following activities:

Activity Total Amount of Grants Extended to that Activity
(KD Thousand)
1- Institutional Support and Training 5,377
2- General Studies and Research 314
3- Supporting the Implementation of Emergency Programs 12,230
4- Feasibility Studies and Project Preparation 300
5- Seminars and Conferences 31


Most significant, among these grants, are 3 emergency grants, for KD 3 million each. These grants contributed to the rescue and relief of the Syrian residents affected by the recent earthquake in Syria, the Moroccan residents affected by the recent earthquake in Morocco, and the Libyan residents affected by the recent hurricane that affected the Eastern part of Libya.

The grants extended during the year included 9 trust funds, having total value of KD 3.8 million, that were extended in previous years, but were converted to grants this year.

The Arab Fund also allocated an additional KD 10 million for the grant it previously provided for the Urgent Program to Support the Palestinian People.

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