Policies & Procedures

Policy Guidelines and Rules for Financing Public Sector Projects
This document contains the policy guidelines concerning financing Public Sector projects. This policy aims to strike the best balance between the Funds’ aim, on one hand, at providing the necessary concessionary financing for projects, and its need, on the other hand, to maintain and strengthen its financial resources and capabilities, all while abiding by the rules and regulations set-forth in the Agreement establishing the Fund, and the rules and practices adopted by the Fund when evaluating development projects, extending financing to them, and following up with their execution.
The document identifies the entities eligible to receive financing, financing mechanisms, loan components, withdrawals, procurement, the mechanisms for joint/co-financing, the loan ratifications process, along with other topics. The Board of Directors of the Arab Fund adopted this document via its Resolution Number (19) for the year 2017. This document replaces the old document titled “Lending and Borrowing Policy” which was adopted in accordance with the Board’s Resolution number (4) for the year 1974. The new document is geared specifically towards public sector financing.

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