Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Tidjikja Kiffa Selibaby Mali Border Road

Loan No.:


Interest Rate:

2.0 %


Ministry of Equipment and Transport

Grace Period:

7 years

Project Cost:

KD 90.9 million


31 years

Amount of Loan:

KD 52.0 million


49 semi-annual installments

Date of Board Approval:


First Installment:

7 years following the first disbursement


The project aims at contributing to the development of land transport services on the main road network in the country, ensuring traffic safety, and stimulating trade between various regions of the country, and between Mauritania and neighboring countries, by providing an internal axis to improve the connection between the north, center and south of the country. The project will also contribute to the development of the areas adjacent to the road by increasing their accessibility, and the improvement of the economic and social conditions of their residents.


The project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, comprises the construction of a road with six sections, extending from the city of Tidjikja to the Mali border, passing through several cities, most notably Kiffa and Selibaby, in addition to some subsidiary roads leading to towns and villages adjacent to the road, and a bridge over Oued Karakoro. The first section of the road extends from Tidjikja to Goudia with a length of about 92 km, the second from Goudia to Boumded with a length of about 70 km, the third from Boumded to Kiffa with a length of about 108 km, the fourth from Kiffa to Kankossa with a length of about 84 km, the fifth from Kankossa to Leboulli with a length of about 97 km, and the sixth from Leboulli to Gabou passing though Selibaby with a length of about 99 km.

The project includes the following components:

  1. Civil Works: This includes the execution of all the necessary works for the construction and paving of the road extending between the city of Tidjikja and the Mali border, which accommodates two traffic lanes, one in each direction with a width of 3.5 m, paved asphalt, and outer shoulders with a width of 1.5 m on each side. This component also includes the necessary works for the construction of a concrete bridge over Oued Karakoro with a length of about 255 m. The works include excavation, backfilling, and various layers of base and pavements, as well as the construction of several water drainage facilities, the protection of the road from moving sand, the processing and stabilization of sand dunes, in addition to the necessary complementary works to ensure traffic safety.
  2. Consultancy Services: This includes the preparation of technical studies, designs and specifications, and tender documents, in addition to assistance in the qualification of contractors, call for tenders and bid evaluation, the supervision of works, as well as making any necessary modifications to the project designs during implementation.
  3. Institutional Support: This includes the provision of some necessary machinery and equipment to the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, in addition to the implementation of a training program for its employees.


The Arab Funds loan covers about 57% of the total project cost. The Islamic Development Bank contributed to the coverage of the cost of the fourth section of the road with an amount of about KD 12.1 million (about 13%). The Mauritanian Government finances the third section of the road, and will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that may arise.

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