Republic of Yemen

Major Intersections in Sana'a City
(Phase II)

Loan No.:


Interest Rate:



Capital Secretariat

Grace Period:

5 years

Project Cost:

KD9.8 million


25 years

Amount of Loan:

KD 8.0 million


41 semi-annual installments

Date of Loan Agreement:


First Installment:

5 years following the first disbursement

Date of Effectiveness:



The project aims at improving the efficiency of the main road network in the capital Sana'a, and at alleviating the traffic bottlenecks on major corridors by introducing the necessary improvements to the main intersections, through grade-separation using bridges and tunnels.


The project comprises grade-separation of three intersections, which are Al-Hasaba and Arab League intersections on the Airport corridor, and Al-Sitteen/Al-Reyasa intersection on Al-Sitteen corridor. The project also includes implementing engineering improvements to some streets and intersections in the central part of the capital according to the Immediate Action Plan which resulted from the Comprehensive Traffic Study of Sana'a that was prepared during first phase of the project. The project also involves providing all consultancy services required for the project, and preparing the Comprehensive Master Plan of Sana'a up to 2027. The project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2011, includes the following components:

  1. Execution of Works: This includes civil and structural works required to construct a tunnel for each of Al-Hasaba and Arab League intersections and a bridge for Al-Sitteen/Al-Reyasa intersection, in addition to the necessary engineering improvements. It also includes ancillary works such as electrical, drainage, traffic safety works, as well as extending and relocating the services networks affected by the project.
  2. Technical Services: This involves providing technical services to help the Capital Secretariat in tender evaluation, and in the management and supervision of the project execution, as well as the preparation of the Comprehensive Master Plan.


The Arab Fund's loan covers about 81.6% of the total project cost. The Yemeni Government will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that may arise.

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