Syrian Arab Republic

Deir Al-Zor Al-Boukamal Road

Loan No.:


Interest Rate:



Public Establishment for Road Communications (PERC)

Grace Period:


Project Cost:

KD 23.5 million


22 years

Amount of Loan:

KD 16.0 million


37 semi-annual installments

Date of Loan Agreement:


First Installment:

4years following the first disbursement

Date of Effectiveness:



The project aims at developing and improving Syrian transport services, by enhancing its level to accommodate the rapidly growing road traffic on the main intersections, enhancing communication and supporting development programs in the eastern areas of the country. The project also satisfies the need to accommodate future traffic and improve land transport between Syrian ports and Iraqi borders.


The project, which is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2012, includes the construction of an asphalt road that extends between Al Mayadin intersection, which is approximately 40 km from the end of Damascus Deir Al-Zor road, and the border check point center at Al-Boukamal. The total length of the road is 105 km, in addition to about 32 km of side roads leading to neighboring towns. The road consists of two lanes, one in each direction with 3.75 m width for each lane and 3 m shoulders on each side. The project also includes the construction of 5 bridges over the main rivers and the railway intersection, in addition to drainage infrastructures and necessary ancillary works.

The project includes the following main components:

  1. Civil Works: This includes all necessary civil and structural works to construct and pave the road between Deir Al-Zor and Al-Boukamal and the side roads, including earth works, asphalt paving and structural works related to bridges, ferries and drainage infrastructures, in addition to other ancillary works needed for traffic safety.
  2. Technical Services: This includes the technical and consultancy services required to prepare studies, designs and specifications, tender documents, assistance in bid evaluation, and supervision of project execution. This also includes technical expertise to help PERC during the project construction phase, in managing its activities, and in implementing plans and programs related to road construction and maintenance.


The Arab Fund's loan covers about 68.0% of the total project cost. The Syrian Government will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that may arise.

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