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The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

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One of the most exciting examples of innovative architecture to emerge in Kuwait, the Arab Organizations Headquarters Building addresses its environment and questions design norms. Completed in 1994, the building serves as a modern, highly functional office building and a national landmark. Here modern technology has been adapted to the culture of the countries it represents. From the cool tranquillity of the Moroccan water wall to the intricate woodwork of the majestic Egyptian Mashrabiya, the building represents a celebration of traditional Arabic artisan skills.

Home to four leading Pan-Arab organizations: the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, OAPEC (Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries), the *Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and the Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company, the building also functions as a museum. Thousands of visitors from around the world have come to Shuwaik for a guided tour, drawn only by word of mouth.

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