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The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

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The Building's Sense of Space and Openness Extends to the Office Floors

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Glass walls and partitions enhance the openness of the office floors high above the Central Atrium.  Many offices benefit from the magnificent view.  The  idea of transparency is so central to the design of the building that smaller atriums were added on the office floors.

Two stairways connect the seventh, eighth and ninth floors.  Stairs and walkways facilitate movement between offices.  Luxuriant plants and shrubs from the rooftop nurseries add to the peaceful, airy ambiance.

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The furniture is limited to nine items, making the layout of the interior flexible.  The pieces were selected for functionality and durability, with an eye to simple lines which would not detract from the overall elegance of the building.  The cherry-wood workstations were tailor-made for the building and can be dismantled and moved as needed.

The chairman's office incorporates traditional carved woodwork and beaded mashrabiya.

For more information about these details, click on the highlighted text links. This is the end of the guided tour.  To find out more about the Arabic craftsmanship, please visit the Artisan Crafts section.  To learn more about the architectural and engineering aspects of the building, visit Architecture and Engineering.  Or use the back arrow below to return to the previous page.


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