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The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

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The Massive Handcarved Doors...Each Weighing One Ton

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(Click here for another view of the entrance.)

Yet, despite their massive size and weight, these doors are so well balanced that they will open at the touch of a finger. Intricately hand carved and painstakingly constructed, no nails or glue hold the individual pieces in place. This allows the wood to expand with the extreme heats of the region without harming the door. The animation to the right demonstrates how an individual piece of inlaid wood moves.

On either side of the outside entrance, exquisitely carved Tunisian stone work can be seen.  Click here for a closer look at the Tunisian carved stone.

Once inside, the building's soaring dimensions and breathtaking artistry capture the imagination. The visitor's attention is immediately drawn to the colossal Moroccan water wall with its colorful hand-crafted tiles and a complimentary Moroccan tile-work. Next to the waterfall is a wooden "Samarkand Tree" sculpture.



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