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The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

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Multinational Artisan Crafts Offer a Visual Illustration of Arab Harmony

stncut1s.jpg (10101 bytes)By insisting that the interior decoration be accorded equal status to architecture, the poetry as well as vision was brought to the structure.  The integral use of arts and crafts from across the region is central to the philosophy behind the building.  The skilled craftsmanship of carved stone, zellige mosaics, woven tapestries and beadwork mashrabiyas all add an undeniable aesthetic value to this unique structure.  Unified by the vital underlying thread of Islam, these multinational crafts also provide a striking visual symbol of Arab unity in the Arab Organizations Headquarters Building.

The building is a working museum, and a source of inspiration to visitors.  From the giant Egyptian walnut entrance doors to the Moroccan tile water wall, from the Jordanian stone work and fragrant carved cedar of the Tunisian Room to the Syrian fountain of the Damascene Room, and in so many other exquisite examples of traditional and modern Arabesque artistry, the building makes visionary use of its decor.  The combination of modern steel, glass and concrete with mediaeval crafts stands as a triumph of Arab artistic creation.

For a closer look at some of these crafts, select from the thumbnail images and text links below.  For a tour of this fascinating building, click on Virtual Tour from the main menu on any page.


crftstns.jpg (3816 bytes) Carved Jordanian
Stone Work
crftzels.jpg (4266 bytes) Zellige Mosaics
crftoaks.jpg (4570 bytes) Carved Oak Ceiling crftwovs.gif (16082 bytes) Tapestry Panels
crftgyps.jpg (5123 bytes) Gypsum Ceilings crftchns.jpg (5182 bytes) Brass Chandeliers


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Exterior Entrance Library Pre-function Hall
Conference Tunisian Room Damascene Room Atrium Prayer Room Mamluk Room
Meeting Room Bridge Reception Offices Crafts


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