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The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

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The Cavernous Central Atrium Embodies Many Features of a Traditional Hoash

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Albeit on a much more grandiose scale, the Central Atrium of the Arab Organizations Headquarters Building functions much as the traditional hoash or central courtyard of classic Arab house design. It serves as a common ground for the building's occupants and visitors... a comfortable area for socialization and interaction.

Imagine the feeling of lightness created by nine stories of pure air in the core of the building. The sky seems to stretch endlessly upward, unhindered by the large glass skylight in the ceiling and the enormous suspended glass wall on the north east.

Here we see many of the traditional features. The majestic Egyptian Mashrabiya towers a full nine stories high. Lush vegetation and central trees (each over 40 years old) provide additional shade. The Syrian fountain adds soothing water music.  The marble floor repeats the geometric star patterns of the skylight and fountain.

Yet this is a thoroughly modern building with careful attention to every detail.  Even in the vastness of the Atrium all areas are thoroughly accessible for maintenance.

To one side of the courtyard is a coffee area, with tables and chairs where one can sit and enjoy the Central Atrium's splendor.

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