Arab Regional Projects


The Arab Fund launched its activities during a period when Arab cooperation was growing at the level of economic development. One of the main objectives of the Fund was to support joint Arab projects that increase the coherence and integration among Arab countries. In that regard, and within its available financial resources and options, the Fund was able to finance projects including power grid interconnection, modernization of communication systems and road networks between Arab countries. Supporting functions include the preparation of sectoral studies, holding conferences and seminars that seek solutions to problems hindering economic and social development in the Arab countries. This also includes identifying cooperation opportunities and finding the factors supporting Arab development and integration, in the light of global and regional developments.

Figure (1)
Integration projects share of the total loans of the various sectors
during the period (1974 - 2018)
(Million KD)(*)

Figure (1) shows the integration projects' share of total loans provided by the Fund to the various sectors. Figure (2) illustrates the sectoral share of loans used to finance joint projects. The figures show that the largest share of loans to joint projects was directed to the energy and electricity sector.

Figure (2)
Sectoral share of the loans used to finance joint projects
during the period (1974 2018)

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